Maintenance Request Form

Those who have tenant portal access please submit requests via your Online Portal.

For sub-tenants, please have the original lease holder submit a work order on your behalf.

For EMERGENCY REQUESTS during our normal business hours please call our office (510) 644-2950. For AFTER HOURS EMERGENCY requests that cannot wait until the next business day, call (866) 885-4860. (Emergency request examples include, but are not limited to: sewage backup, no hot water, or flooding.)

***For any criminal activity, fire or gas emergency please contact local authority for emergency service and then notify our office.***

Useful Fix it Tips:

Here’s a short list of common problems we get. Sometimes you may be able to fix it yourself quickly without waiting for a contractor to come by.

Common area washer/dryer is brokenCheck your laundry room sign – in most cases AP Management does not own/maintain the machines.  Please visit the laundry company’s website or call the 800 # for service requests and/or refunds.
Garbage disposal does not work Note: Mushy items (eg tofu, potatoes, oatmeal) should NEVER go into a garbage disposal because they will clog the disposal. Frequent repairs of clogged disposal may result in repair charges to the tenants.1. Turn the power switch off 2. Reach down the drain and feel around for any large items and remove them (contractors have found bottle caps, bones, and forks clogged inside) 3. Look under your sink and press the reset button below the garbage disposal 4. If something is really stuck you can use an Alan wrench (hexagon shape) and turn the disposal from the bottom.
Toilet back-up Note: Only organic products should go down the toilet. Do not put plastic, hair, or heavy-duty paper towels down the toilet.Try using a plunger – if the toilet is about to overflow you can shut off the water by turning the valve behind the toilet clockwise.
Toilet water keeps running/bowl does not fill with waterRemove the top of the tank lid and check the flush handle to make sure the rubber flapper / chain is not caught or loose. Toilets can be manually flushed by lifting the rubber flapper.
Power outageCheck with the neighbors to see if they have power – if not, call PG&E (1-800-PGE-5002) to report the outage. If only your unit has no power, check your circuit breaker/fuse box.  PG&E also disconnects service for non-payment.
Gas appliance not working (heater, stove, etc.)Check the pilot light – usually the appliance will have a sticker indicating the location of the pilot and how to light it.  PG&E lights pilot lights for FREE (1-800-PGE-5000)
Electrical outlet not workingIf the outlet itself has a “reset” button try testing it as well as other outlets nearby. If this does not solve the issue locate your circuit breaker and make sure all the switches are in the “on” position. Circuit breakers are usually in the unit, sometimes inside a closet.
Smoke detector chirps every minuteThis is the low-batter indicator – install a new 9V battery DO NOT just remove the battery – this is a serious safety hazard

For more details please download and review our move-in document.